When Should You Contact A Vehicle Accident Attorney?

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People often make the mistake of waiting too long to contact a motor vehicle accident attorney. Healing after an accident is the priority, but you need to keep an eye on the possibility that you might have to file an insurance claim or even sue. Even if you're highly confident that you won't pursue a case, you should hear your legal options so you can make a fully-informed choice. The following tips will help you to decide when to contact a car accident attorney.

Any Signs of Third-Party Liability

The logic of pursuing a claim is that at-fault parties owe compensation to injured people. If you think there's even a hint of third-party liability, you should contact a vehicle accident attorney as soon as possible.

Third-party liability is any scenario where someone besides you is to blame for your injuries. Generally, this refers to the driver of a different vehicle than the one you were in. However, there are cases where passengers end up suing the driver they were riding with.

Liability can arise from many factors. Reckless driving is a common source of claims. If someone was intoxicated due to drugs or alcohol consumption, that would justify a case. Distracted driving due to the use of a phone or other device also tends to support claims.

Evidence of Injuries

Going through an accident doesn't automatically mean you have a case. You also need to suffer documented injuries.

Even if you seem to have escaped an accident without a scrape, don't assume you're okay, though. Whiplash is an injury that sometimes doesn't surface for weeks or even months. Evidence of brain damage also may take a while to appear. People often feel fine in hospital conditions and only notice problems once they return to normal life. They might get their blood pressure up during work and discover that the doctors missed a blood clot in their brain from the accident, for example.

Most folks will notice their injuries sooner than this, though. If you have medical evidence of injuries following an accident, then you should consult with a car accident attorney.

An Insurance Company Contacts You

If an insurance company contacts you in the weeks after an accident, it's best to discuss the situation with counsel. Especially if the company contacts you unprompted, that should capture your interest. If they make an offer, ask them to send a formal proposal in writing. Do not agree to anything until you've discussed the offer with a vehicle accident attorney.