What You Can Expect When Hiring A Wrongful Death Attorney

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When someone you love suddenly dies, nothing can be more difficult to deal with. When a death is caused by someone else and something they did that could have been avoided, that can make the loss that much more difficult. Getting involved in a legal battle may seem overwhelming, but a wrongful death lawyer can help you fight for what's fair and bring justice for you and the one you lost. 

There's No Cost

To get started, there is no cost to meet with and consult with a wrongful death attorney. During your initial consultation, your lawyer and his or her team will help determine whether or not your case is a wrongful death in a legal sense. They will also begin evaluating what the legal damages might be as far as punitive damages and other damages that might be available legally. For example, if your loved one died due to the negligence of a doctor, there may be medical bills that need to be paid. Those could be included in the damages of your case, and any legal fees will be taken from the amount won at trial or during a settlement. 

Lower Bar to Win

Many people don't realize that there is greater leverage to negotiate and settle when it comes to civil cases. In a wrongful death suit, your case doesn't have to meet the high bar of "beyond a reasonable doubt." A jury only has to decide that the preponderance of the evidence is weighted in favor of the plaintiff involved to get a victory. This makes it much more likely that you will never have to go to trial in order to win your wrongful death suit if the evidence in strongly in your favor.

Insurance May Cover Damages

In some instances, people hesitate to sue because they don't want to go after someone else in a legal sense. Many wrongful death suits involve suing insurance companies. Most doctors, for example, have to maintain malpractice insurance to cover wrongful death cases. When it comes to car accidents, the same can be true for the insured driver who is driving carelessly. Filing a wrongful death suit may not mean taking anything directly from the accused from a financial standpoint. 

With a lawyer handling your case, you won't have to do much. Many wrongful death cases are handled out of court, and they are usually settled quickly if the evidence isn't disputable. Even if there is some dispute, many insurance companies will want to settle cases quickly. It's worth consulting with a good lawyer if you feel that someone you loved would still be alive if it weren't for the negligence of another person.