Berated While Working As A Tour Guide? Here Are Some Details For Your Workers' Comp Claim

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Working as a tour guide isn't an inherently dangerous job, which may make you think that your job of this type could never lead to a workers' compensation claim. Unfortunately, this isn't necessarily true. While a physical injury might be unlikely, you could face emotional wounds from perhaps being repeatedly berated by the people who are taking part in your tour — and emotional issues are a part of workers' compensation law. This is a difficult situation in which to be, especially if you feel as though your employer has played a role in how you've been treated. Here are some details that may support your workers' compensation claim against your employer.

Lack Of Training

Most tour participants are cordial, but it's possible to occasionally come across a rude one — or perhaps even a rude group. If your employer adequately trained you, you'd know how to respond to such individuals in a constructive manner. Your options could be to ask them to change their behavior, to call a supervisor, or to even ask them to leave the tour and refund their money. However, if you didn't receive the proper training, you might simply allow yourself to be repeatedly berated to the point that you're left with deep emotional wounds that leave you unable to work.

Faulty Audio Equipment

Larger tours often involve the use of audio equipment. For example, the tour guide might speak into a microphone that is connected to a speaker that he or she carries, thus allowing everyone in the group to hear what is going on. If your employer routinely books you to give tours to large groups, but doesn't provide you with the necessary audio equipment — perhaps as a cost-saving measure — people may quickly become frustrated when they can't hear you and act with hostility toward you. Over time, these interactions could leave you with emotional damage.

Bad Guide-To-Group Ratio

Another issue that you may face with large tour groups is a lack of control. It can be difficult to manage large groups when you're on your own, and you may spend so much time trying to keep the group walking together that you struggle to offer your prepared remarks at different locations throughout the tour. This scenario can turn people against you, and you may frequently face berating from multiple participants. If you've been through any of these unfortunate situations, contacting workers' compensation attorneys like those at Kavanagh & Kavanagh Law Ofc to discuss your case and what next steps you should take is important.