Ready To Get Scared? What To Do If You're Injured In A Haunted House

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If you'll be heading out to a haunted house or fear factory this year, take measures to protect yourself. The risk of personal injury is quite high inside haunted houses. You might not realize it at the time, but there are numerous ways you can suffer injuries while touring a haunted house. Here are just four of the risks you should watch out for.

Trip and Fall Risks

Haunted house operators need to use extension cords for their attractions. Unfortunately, if those extension cords haven't been secured properly, they could end up posing serious trip and fall risks for you and other participants in the haunted house. As you're walking through the haunted house, try to watch your footing, especially around areas with electrical elements involved – such as moving components or lights.

Sharp Edges

There may be numerous exposed areas that contain sharp edges within the haunted house. Those sharp edges could cause significant slices, cuts, and puncture wounds if you're not careful. This is particularly true in close quarters, such as hallways where participants are packed in closely together. As you walk through the haunted house, try to remain in the middle of the walkways and away from the outer perimeters where sharp edges may be present.

Extreme Scare Measures

Many haunted houses now offer physical contact with the performers, meaning you'll be touched and grabbed as you walk through the attraction. These physical contact episodes may seem exciting, but they can lead to serious injuries, especially immediately after the initial contact. The sudden contact can cause you – or another participant – to lunge forward or backwards, which can lead to injuries. To protect yourself from injuries caused by extreme scare measures, try to avoid haunted houses that offer physical contact between performers and participants.

Unhealthy Air

Haunted houses utilize smoke and fog machines to created the scary atmosphere that participants enjoy. Unfortunately, using smoke and fog machines in enclosed spaces can lead to unhealthy air quality. In fact, if the smoke is too thick in a haunted house, you may become sick and have difficulty breathing. If smoke and fog machines are being used in the haunted houses you visit, try to limit your exposure to those areas.

Don't take chances at the haunted houses you visit this year. If you suffer injuries as a result of any of the situations described above, you need to contact a personal injury attorney right away. You may be entitled to compensation for your pain and suffering.

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