3 Important Pictures To Snap Immediately After A Car Accident

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The risk of having a car accident is just something you have to accept as a regular operator of a motor vehicle. Because you accept this risk, you make sure you have good insurance coverage and educate yourself about what to do when you are involved in a collision.

One of the things that most drivers know to do after an automobile accident is to take pictures because pictures can be provided to the insurance company or to an attorney if the incident leads to a car accident claim. What you may not know is exactly what kind of pictures you should be taking. Here is a look at three important pictures to snap immediately after a car accident:

Take pictures of all points of damage on both vehicles. 

Most drivers know that they need to get pictures of all points of damage to their vehicle, both inside and out. However, what you also need to get if at all possible is pictures of damage to the other vehicle. If another driver caused the collision, they might try to mend damages to their vehicle to make it look like they were not at fault before the insurance claim goes through. Therefore, grabbing picture evidence of damage to the other driver's vehicle can be extremely useful to prove what took place. 

Take pictures of the general area surrounding the accident site. 

Step back away from the site of the collision and snap pictures of the site in general. You should take several pictures of the area. These pictures can be incredibly helpful when the insurance company or an attorney is trying to reconstruct the scene and get a better understanding of how things happened. Plus, the pictures can sometimes be used to track down witnesses or surveillance footage of the area during the accident. Everything from pictures of local businesses to stop lights and street signs should be included in these images. 

Take pictures of any markings or debris left in the roadway. 

Whether it is black marks left by your vehicle where you tried to avoid a crash or bits of a busted headlight left on the pavement, it is important to snap pictures of these things. These images can be evidence of things like where your vehicle was struck or exactly how the accident occurred. Unfortunately, if you don't get pictures of these items right away, they will likely disappear pretty quickly, so get the snapshots while you can. 

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