3 Tips For Winning A Settlement After A Car Accident

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Being the victim of a car accident due to someone's negligent, illegal, or drunk driving is a terrible experience. Car insurance can help with repairs to your car, but may not cover your medical bills. In addition, you may need to miss a substantial amount of work, and even need mental health counseling to recover from such a traumatizing and scary experience. These are good reasons to try to win a settlement after a car accident. Here are three practical ways to improve your chances of a successful settlement:

Take Photos of Everything

Even though the details of your accident may be well-documented by the police report, photos are very powerful and effective when it comes to influencing a judge or jury. Photos of the accident scene, your vehicle, and your injuries can all be helpful in a car accident settlement. While these days everything is saved and transmitted digitally, it's also a good idea to print your photos and keep them organized in a photo book that you can bring with you to meet your lawyer and also to your court appearance.

Avoid Giving Out Unnecessary Information 

Any time the defendant's lawyer or insurance company asks you to give them specific information, access to files, or to sign a release so they can access your medical records, be sure to consult your attorney first. Your lawyer will help determine which requests are valid, and which are an over-reach that you can say no to. Sometimes innocently revealing personal or medical information that you didn't actually need to release can be used against you to invalidate or downplay your claims. It's better to be safe than sorry in this situation.

Keep Financial Receipts

Receipts are just as important as photos when it comes to collecting a settlement. Keep your receipts for everything related to your accident and legal case. This includes your receipts for hospital visits and physical therapy, payments to your lawyer, any repairs to your vehicle, visits to a mental health counselor relating to your accident, and anything else you can think of. It's also important to document your missed work if you have to take unpaid time off as a result of your car accident.

Working with an experienced personal injury and accident attorney and following these tips, will boost your chances of winning a significant settlement after your car accident. Contact a law office like the Law Offices of Michael Dye for more information and assistance.