3 Ways To Prove Emotional Distress In A Car Accident Case

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If you are currently involved in a car accident lawsuit and are seeking damages for physical injuries and trauma, you might also be able to recover compensation for any emotional damages you have experienced from the accident. Emotional distress is a common part of car accident cases; however, it is much harder to prove emotional distress than physical injuries. If you are trying to seek money for emotional distress, you might be able to prove that you have suffered distress by using the following three tools.

Counseling Reports

One of the most common ways to treat emotional distress is through counseling services. If you are or were visiting a counselor for help dealing with the distress you inherited from the accident, you should ask your counselor for your records. Your counselor will be able to give you documentation that shows all of your visits to the counselor center, and he or she can also write a report that states a summary of the reasons you sought counseling services.

When you receive these documents, give them to your attorney. Your attorney can use them to ask for compensation for the emotional stress you experienced as a result of the accident.


A second great way to prove emotional distress after an accident is by keeping a journal. A journal is simply a notebook that contains handwritten entries describing the way you feel. If you did not start writing in a journal right after your accident occurred, you can start now.

The best way to do this is to write an entry in the journal whenever you are feeling any type of sadness, stress, or problem that might be related to the accident. As you make your journal entries, be sure you are honest about how you feel. If you are experiencing any of the following things, you should make sure you include them in your journal:

  • Problems sleeping
  • Depression
  • Issues with mobility or doing things you were able to do before the accident
  • Loneliness from not being able to drive or leave your house
  • Humiliation
  • Fear

If you keep a journal for months after your accident, you will be able to show the court all the various ways this accident has affected you emotionally, and this is a great way to prove that you truly did suffer from emotional distress from the accident.

Doctor Reports

It's also important to realize that emotional distress can lead to health problems, and you might be able to find these correlations by keeping in touch with your doctor. For example, stress, anxiety, and depression are all things that can lead to health problems, such as irritable bowel syndrome or high blood pressure. Stress can also lead to other major health problems if left unaddressed for long periods of time, such as diabetes and heart problems.

To prove that you have these health problems from the stress caused by the accident, you will need to talk to your doctor. If your doctor can see the correlations between these things, he or she could write a report that states his or her findings. Any doctor reports you have that demonstrate anxiety, stress, or emotional trauma after the accident could be highly beneficial for proving your case.

If you are not sure what else you can do to prove that you are suffering emotionally from an accident you were involved in, you should contact a lawyer that specializes in accident cases. You can be compensated for the physical injuries you experienced by filing a lawsuit, but you should also know that you can be compensated for your emotional damages too. To contact a lawyer, visit a site like http://caminezlaw.net.