Slip & Fall Accident: 4 Financial Impacts For Tournament Fishermen

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The act of slipping and falling may be common in cartoons, but in real life it can result in serious injuries and long-term damages. When a serious injury like this occurs, it can impact many parts of your life. If you were a tournament fisherman, then your ability to properly fish can drastically change. Not only is losing the ability to fish changing your quality of life, but it can also come with numerous financial impacts. By consulting with a personal injury attorney, you can try to receive compensation for all of these impacts and reach a settlement that is appropriate for the circumstances.

Tournament Winnings

When fishing in tournaments, there are often cash prizes involved. If you fish in tournaments on a regular basis, then these winnings may be considered part of your income. When you are injured and unable to fish, you are losing out on the potential income. This can become a huge factor within your settlement case. An attorney will use your past tournament winnings to help set a precedent for income losses. For example, if you made an average of $500 a month on fishing tournaments, then a lawyer may calculate the number of estimated months that you will lose out on fishing and this potential income. When it all adds up, it can make a big difference on the final outcome for your settlement case.

Sponsorship Payments

Along with the winnings associated with a tournament, you may have also made some extra income through sponsorship payments. These payments may have come as cash or fishing gear that you used for the tournament. For example, a fishing company may have paid you a set amount for wearing their gear or logo while fishing. Without the ability to join tournaments, you are losing out on this extra sponsorship money.

The gear that you may have received as part of a sponsorship may have to be returned. For example, a canoe company may have given you a canoe for use in tournaments. The injury may have forced you to return the canoe and relinquish your sponsorship deal. Once you're ready to fish again, you may have to pay for your own canoe. These costs would not have been needed if you were not injured in the first place. An attorney can help showcase these impacts and get you compensation for the various factors.

Physical Therapy

A slip and fall accident can dramatically change your body. Broken bones, injured backs, and other issues can make it hard to cast, reel, or handle heavy fishing equipment. To help get you back into proper shape for fishing, you may need to attend extended physical therapy sessions that are not covered by your insurance. If this is the case, then an attorney can seek compensation for these costs. Attending the sessions is often an essential part to returning to your quality of life and ensuring that you can fish in tournaments again.

Adaptive Equipment

In some cases, an injury may be permanent. Instead of giving up on tournament fishing, you may seek out alternative ways to still fish. This may include the purchase of adaptive fishing equipment. Special tools can be purchased to help you cast, reel, and take fish off the line. The purchase of these tools can be included in a settlement case to help reimburse your for the costs. Along with equipment that you already purchased, an attorney can provide estimates for any future equipment that may be needed. This includes special boats, tackle, boxes, or chairs to help support your injuries.

By breaking down the different impacts that an injury has caused, you can get a true vision for the financial impact that it has created. An attorney can guide you through the process and help build your case. Visit a site like to get in touch with an attorney.